Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

Project Smile: Visit Orang Asli Village

Oct 2017

29th September to 1st October 2017, Kossan International Sdn Bhd organized an excursion to visit the SEMOA Orang Asli Children Centre in Raub.

SEMOA is a non-profit charitable and non-governmental organization focused on improving the livelihood of the Orang Asli children through the Orang Asli Children Centre. The founders of this outreach project, Mr. Timothy Cheah Kim Hock and Mr. Rajendran Velu, started the hostel centre outside of Raub, Pahang in 1996.

SEMOA Children Centre is bridging the gap between cities and towns, to achieve the concept of equality of education opportunities. They convey the knowledge to remote areas of Malaysia to improve the living standards of the local people. They provide accommodation and care to them, and counsel the Asli children to engage in legitimate and healthy extracurricular activities.

Our day began with the planting of fruit trees which are sponsored by KISB for the SEMOA Centre. The Centre has acquired land to plant fruit trees and vegetables to sell to the local communities as a form of self-sustaining efforts for the long term. They fear donations might not be consistent and the children need to continue with their education. Besides that, the children can also enjoy the fruits and vegetables of their harvest in their daily meals.

We started our planting activities from digging the soil, fertilizing, sowing to watering the plants. We gained invaluable experience in this plantation activity and most importantly we understand a simple theory “You don’t get anything that you don’t work hard for – Evan Thomas”.

After a hard day’s work in the afternoon sun, we successfully managed to plant 260 fruit trees! It was an amazing feeling to be able to support the SEMOA Centre in a big way. All 80 KISB volunteers returned to the Centre to have lunch with the children and continue with the next fun activity.