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Powdered Natural Rubber Latex Surgical Glove, Sterile

INtouch® Lite powdered surgical gloves provide the basic and essential International standard requirements for surgical gloves in terms of performance and protection.

The gloves are Ideal for procedures requiring added sensitivity as the gloves are designed 20% thinner than standard surgical gloves, with a cuff length of minimum 290mm.

These gloves are ligthly powdered on the donning surface to ease cleaning process of the powder removal before undertaking surgical procedures.

Product Type Powdered Natural Rubber Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile
Color Natural Cream
Reorder Number INTW08xx
*(xx= Size; i.e. Size 7.0=70 & Size 7.5=75)
Factory Code SPBPPT 0.14 (SR11401 SA-NA)

Information & Features:

  1. Hand Specific anatomical shape provides enhanced fitting, comfort and dexterity.
  2. Micro-Textured Finish design to provide just the right texture needed for grip while allowing smooth suturing glide.
  3. Beaded cuff to ease sterile donning procedure with a better hold.
  4. Smooth Grip to provide good capability in suturing and instrument handling.
  5. Easy Donning with dry hands.
  6. Longer Cuff than standard glove length allows better hold over gown.
  7. Lightly Powdered (USP Modified Corn starch) to ease donning while reducing powder contamination in a sterile setting.
  8. Batch number printed on cuff for good traceability in glove identification.
  9. Biocompatible from any potentially harmful physiological effects such as skin irritation.
  10. Pass Viral Penetration resulting in an additional safety guarantee to barrier.
  11. Packed In a non-fiber peel film pouch with easy peel system.

Container Loading Quantity

Technical Information

Glove Thickness (mm) Single Wall Typical Product Performance
Finger 0.20 - 0.21
Palm 0.18 - 0.19
Cuff 0.14 - 0.15

Tensile Properties (Unaged)

Physical Properties EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification Typical Product Performance
Force At Break, N min 9.0 14 - 15
T. Strength, MPa min 24 26 - 28
U. Elongation, % min 750 800 - 830
Stress @ 500%, MPa max 5.5 3.8 - 4.2

Tensile Properties (Aged)

Physical Properties EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification Typical Product Performance
Force At Break, N min 9.0 13 - 14
T. Strength, MPa min 18 24 - 26
U. Elongation, % min 560 740 - 780
Stress @ 500%, MPa NA 3.8 - 4.2


Freedom from Hole (Leak) EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification iNtouch Specification
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 1.5 1.5

Packaging Options

Thermoform Package
(Configuration for :
Size 5.5 to 8 Is 300palrs/ carton
Size 8.5 to 9 is 270pairs I carton)


Shelf Life & Storage

Expiration Date: 5 years upon manufactured date. Store in cool dry place away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.

(SN: L115LT091)