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Powder-Free - A Solution to Reduce Contamination Concerns

Powder-Free Natural Rubber Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile

INtouch® POWDER FREE surgical gloves are an alternative choice over powdered gloves as these do not contain implement powder free zones or are regulated to only use powder free medical devices as the powder could be more susceptible to attracting latex proteins, leading to type I hypersensitivity among some users and patients. Furthermore, healthcare agencies are now concerned about reducing infection rates from post surgical operations by switching away from powdered gloves.

INtouch® POWDER FREE surgical gloves come in two types of surface finish, providing choices in grip selection. Ref. No. INTW10xx with single chlorination on the working surface to provide a medium grip for instrument handling and Ref.No.INTW05xx provides a stronger grip on the working surface. Both gloves are polymer coated on the donning surface to promote ease of dry hand donning.

Product Type Powder-Free Natural Rubber Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile
Color Natural Cream
Reorder Number INTW05xx (Strong Grip)
INTW10xx (Medium Grip)
*(xx= Size; i.e. Size 7.0=70 & Size 7.5=75)
Factory Code SPBPYF 0.17- (SR31701 SB-NA)
CP-SPBPYF 0.17 (SR41701 SB-NA)

Information & Features:

  1. Ergonomic Fit to mimic a relaxed hand.
  2. Powder-free solution for healthcare environment sensitive to powder particles.
  3. Hand Specific anatomical shape provides enhanced fitting, comfort and dexterity.
  4. Micro-Textured Finish design to provide just the right texture needed for grip while allowing smooth suturing glide.
  5. Available in Strong and Medium Grip to best suit your specific procedural needs.
  6. Beaded Cuff to ease sterile donning procedure with a better hold.
  7. Longer Cuff than standard glove length allows better hold over gown.
  8. Soft Film to provide added comfort during prolonged surgical procedures.
  9. Easy Donning for dry hands.
  10. 100% Air Inflation tested with AQL 0.65 to provide industry's highest quality guarantee In barrier protection.
  11. Batch number printed on cuff for good traceability in glove identification.
  12. Low endotoxin provides safer choice during use from potential postoperative Infections.
  13. Biocompatible from any potentially harmful physiological effects such as skin irritation.
  14. Pass VIral Penetration resulting In an additional safety guarantee to barrier.
  15. Packed in a non-fiber peel film pouch with easy peel system.

Container Loading Quantity

Technical Information

Glove Thickness (mm) Single Wall Typical Product Performance
Finger 0.22 - 0.24
Palm 0.19 - 0.20
Cuff 0.17 - 0.18

Tensile Properties (Unaged)

Physical Properties EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification Typical Product Performance
Force At Break, N min 9.0 17 - 19
T. Strength, MPa min 24 26 - 28
U. Elongation, % min 750 820 - 850
Stress @ 500%, MPa max 5.5 3.0 - 4.0

Tensile Properties (Aged)

Physical Properties EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification Typical Product Performance
Force At Break, N min 9.0 15 - 16
T. Strength, MPa min 18 22 - 24
U. Elongation, % min 560 760 - 800
Stress @ 500%, MPa NA 3.5 - 4.5


Freedom from Hole (Leak) EN455 Part 2 / ASTM D3577 Specification iNtouch Specification
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 1.5 0.65

Packaging Options

Platen Seal Package or Thermoform Package
(Configuration 200pairs/carton) or (300pairs/carton)


Shelf Life & Storage

Expiration Date: 3 years upon manufactured date. Store in cool dry place away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.

(SN: L115PF081)