Facilities Overview


The sky is our limit. Our facilities are designed and equipped to produce excellent quality gloves.

We focus on automation technology in the operational process flow to ensure product consistencies and operation efficiencies are achieved.

Critical parameters that can impact the consistency of glove production are continuously monitored via our in‐house designed logistic control. Online analysis of these data provides instantaneous feedback to the production floor for line adjustment if necessary.

Automation in the sterile packaging centre enables us to provide you with up-to-date packaging solutions and flexibilities to meet the current and moving trends of the healthcare community.

Glove Production

Automated Stripping of Gloves

In order to increase manufacturing efficiencies, one of the areas to achieve better performance and output is by reducing the labor dependency and handling during the stripping process of the gloves from the production line. All our production dipping lines for examination gloves are designed with an automated stripping system to automatically reverse and remove the gloves from the formers once the dipping process is completed.

Packaging Automation for Sterile Gloves

Sterile glove packing is a critical process as the primary package integrity is an important factor in ensuring the sterility of the product is maintained for its main intended use.

Our sterile packing facility is well equipped with automated packing machines from reputable makers to ensure only the best quality packaging system is installed and quality packaged product is delivered to you. We continuously look into the future to bring you the latest technologies in packaging solutions with enhanced quality and benefits.

Here are among our featured automated packing machines:

Glove Walleting Packing Machine (GPM)

Manufacturer: DOYEN Medipharm Ltd.
This machine is designed with in-line flexographic printing system to print the medical paper online and the tucker section of the machine automatically wraps the cuffed gloves into individual wallets.

Platen Seal Pouching Machine (HDW)

Manufacturer: DOYEN Medipharm Ltd.
This machine functions on a continuous platen sealing motion to produce sealed pouches with a speed of up‐to 75 pouches per minute. The machine is designed to seal high quality, high integrity film pouches with even seal consistency using quality film and other heat sealable material.

Form Fill Sealing Machine (Thermoform)

Maker: CFS Tiromat, Germany
This is a fully automated forming and sealing machine which is installed with in-line flexographic printing system to print the graphic and text online onto the top web of the pouch in one color. This machine is versatile to run smaller production orders due to the online printing capabilities.

Microbiology Laboratory

Our microbiology laboratory plays an important role in ensuring the functionality of the sterile glove product is continuously met by conducting routine environmental monitoring at our production facility.

Here are among the routine environmental monitoring conducted at our facility for sterile gloves:

  • Fluid Bioburden
  • Viable Air Count
  • Non Viable Particle Air Count
  • Viable Compressed Air Count
  • Surface Microbial Count (Swab Test)

The laboratory also conducts sterilization validation tests for new products which involves the following essential tests:

  • Bacteriostasis and Fungistasis
  • Bioburden Study and Recovery
  • Sterility