Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

Anti-Corruption Policy

Kossan has taken great pride in its core value of integrity, respect and professionalism in conducting business across the board. Adherence and observance of the core value is the key to ensure its continued growth and excellent success with all its valued business partner.


Kossan and its Group of Companies are committed to ensure zero-tolerance against any forms of bribery and corruption. We commit to maintain and preserve the highest standard of integrity, transparency and accountability in our business operation.

Policy and Procedures

We adopt an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (“ABC Policy”) which sets out the principles and procedures to help prevent corruption by, on behalf of, or against the organisation, and to detect, report and deal with any breach which may occur.

Strict Prohibition

All employees are prohibited from, either directly or indirectly, inducing / soliciting / seeking / offering and receiving any and all sort of benefits, incentives, commissions, gifts and advantages, either in cash or kind, in business dealing with Kossan.

We ensure our employees and subsidiaries shall comply with the ABC Policy.

No Gift Practice

We implement No Gift Practice in its business dealing with all valued business partners. The purpose is seek to avoid any likely conflict of interest where any of its employee will be perceived as, in his or her position, capable of influencing a particular decision made in favour of the donor or recipient of the gift.

Business Associates

We work with organisations and persons that conform to standards consistent with our ABC Policy.

Reporting Channel

All employees and business associates are encouraged to report any act of bribery and corruption directly to the following channels:

All informers are reassured that their identity would be protected inaccordance with the existing law enforce and applicable in Malaysia.


We would take stern disciplinary action against employee and terminate the business transaction with the concerned business partners whom is found in breach or non-compliance of the ABC Policy.

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