Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

Anti-Corruption Policy

Kossan has taken great pride in its core value of integrity, respect and professionalism in conducting business across the board. Adherence and observance of the core value is the key to ensure its continued growth and excellent success with all its valued business partner.

Policy Statement

Kossan is committed to maintain and preserve the highest standard of integrity, transparency and accountability in its business operation. Kossan does not condone neither not it tolerate with any act of bribery and corruption. It strenuously against and prohibit any acts, either directly or indirectly, in inducing / soliciting / seeking / offering and receiving any and all sort of benefits, incentives, commissions, gifts and advantages, either in cash or kind, in business dealing with Kossan.


The primary purpose of this policy is to observe and uphold Kossan’s position on zero tolerance against bribery and corruption. It also further ensure that businesses are conducted in an ethical, honest and transparent manner.


The Board of Directors and Management Committee of Kossan shall be responsible for ensuring the compliance of this Policy from both legal and ethical obligations. While the adherence to the Policy shall be the responsibility of all employees of Kossan.

Awareness and Compliance

This Policy will be displayed on Kossan i-portal and also communicated to all Kossan employees through relevant programs such as legal seminars, trainings and management meetings. Kossan valued business associates would be equally invited to attend the related seminars.


This policy is subject to review by Management Committee from time to time.

Reporting Channel

All employees and business associates are encouraged to report the act of bribery and corruption directly to whistleblowing@kossan.com.my or auditcommittee@kossan.com.my.

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