Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

Whistle Blowing Policy

KOSSAN is committed to conduct its business processes and operation in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. In line with this commitment and in pursuant to the Whistleblower Protection Act 2012, KOSSAN established a Whistleblowing Policy to serve as an avenue for all KOSSAN employees and the general public or external parties to raise concerns about malpractice or improper conduct within the KOSSAN Group of Companies. This policy further serves to give assurance that all concerns raised will be taken seriously.

Malpractice or improper conduct cover a wide range of concerns, included but are not limited to bribery or corrupt practices, abuse of power, fraud, violation of law, illegal or unlawful activities, theft, damage to the environment, criminal offence, misuse of company funds or resources.

A whistleblower shall act on good faith in raising a specific concern. KOSSAN employees may be subject to disciplinary action should the allegations made were not in good faith or malicious.

All concerns raised are treated in confidence and KOSSAN shall not reveal the identity of a whistleblower. However, concerns raised on anonymity are difficult to investigate and therefore much more difficult to pursue such an investigation to a fair, just and reliable conclusion. The whistleblower may, at appropriate time, be required to come forward to facilitate the investigation.

KOSSAN shall not tolerate any form of retaliation, harassment or victimization against whistleblower who has raised a concern in good faith. Any employee who retaliates against a whistleblower will face disciplinary action.

The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Whistleblowing Policy for KOSSAN. KOSSAN employees and general public or external parties can lodge a report in writing attention to the Chairman, Audit Committee and/or the Group Managing Director via whistleblowing@kossan.com.my

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