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Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures are normally invasive. Whether elective or emergency, it is done for a variety of conditions which include cosmetic procedures, diagnostic and exploratory procedures, treatment of acute, chronic, and infectious diseases of tissue/organs and transplantation of organs.

It involves a surgical crew consisting of surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses. Surgical procedures have high risk exposure to blood contamination from open wounds , it is vital to invest in premium quality surgical gloves to avoid cross-contamination and post surgery complications.

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Powder Free



Specialty Procedures

Intouch® surgical gloves is the result of years of extensive research to meet the needs of the healthcare community.

We believe that being in touch and understanding your needs are what make for an exceptional glove.


The specially formulated iNtouch powdered surgical gloves are softer for added comfort during prolonged surgical procedures. The gloves are lightly powdered to ease donning, while reducing powder contamination in a sterile setting.

These gloves are gentle on your skin, having undergone an extensive leaching process to remove excessive proteins and chemicals reducing the likelihood of glove-related allergies.

Powder Free

iNtouch powder free surgical gloves offer an alternative to traditional powdered gloves. These gloves do not contain airborne powder particles. These gloves are the ideal choice for healthcare settings that implement powder free zones or are regulated to only use powder free medical devices as the powder could be more susceptible to attracting latex proteins, leading to Type I hypersensitivity among some users and patients.

Non-Latex Surgical Gloves

A substitute to natural rubber latex gloves, polyisoprene surgical gloves are an ideal choice for surgical procedures as they mimic the characteristics of natural rubber latex in comfort, durability, and dexterity - minus the latex protein concerns which can lead to Type I latex allergies.


iNtouch surgical gloves also come in different color options to enhance surgical procedures and protection.Providing peace of mind and better capabilities in attending to high risk surgeries.

Blue and green color options are ideal for better detection in providing excellent protection during high risk surgeries.While the brown glove color aids better visibility under harsh surgical room glare to undertake meticulous surgical procedures such as microsurgeries.

Specialty Procedures

This range of iNtouch gloves are specially design to meet the needs for specialty application and requirement such as dental, laboratory, radiation protection, pharmaceutical, ICU sterile ward, etc.

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