Facilities Overview


Cleanera Cleanroom Products Co. Ltd was established in 2004 with expertise in manufacturing cleanroom products.

The facility is equipped with deionized washing system and Class 100/Class 1000 packing rooms. On-site laboratories provide state-of-the-art analysis and testing for cleanroom products. Cleanera manufactures facemask, finger cots and lint free/ microfiber wipes.

Quick facts about Cleanera:
Overall investment USD 3.77 million
Factory area 9700 sqm
No. of Employee 150
Regulatory Compliance ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Certified with Class 10/100 Cleanroom

Manufacturing Equipment

Facemask Setting Machine

Facemask Setting Machine

Wiper Setting Machine

Wiper Raw Material Washing Machine

EDI(Electro Deionization) Purified Water System (According to Seagate Specification)

Cleanroom Gloves Washing and Packing (Class 100)
Cleanroom Class 100 Washer

Cleanroom Glove Class 100 Packing

Cleanera is equipped with a full range of Contamination Testing Instruments in accordance to the following test standards:

  • Seagate Technology
  • Western Digital
  • IEST
  • SAE Test

Testing equipments

IC – Ionic Chromatography

FTIR – Fourier Transfer Infra-Red

APC – Air Particle Count

LPC – Liquid Particles Count