Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

R&D Framework

Our Research and Development design framework is built around the following approaches leading to existing product enhancements and new product innovations.


We understand that science should not happen just within our laboratories. Constant interaction with the users is vital to understand the needs, limitations and demand of the intended products.

We are also open to potential scientific collaboration opportunities with our international partners to provide the best possible solution.

Upon thorough analysis and evaluations on possible opportunities in new or improved products, we take the next step into development plans.


The information gathered at the discovery stage is put to work. Whether it’s optimizing existing operations or taking advantage of new opportunities, we are committed to ensure our solutions run through stringent design and development procedures to create products with the desired capabilities and integrity.


Upon completion of the design and development activities, the approved new product will be ready for manufacturing and distribution to the market. The products will continue to undergo routine product performance and quality monitoring as an assurance to the customers.