Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

R&D Strategy

Through collaboration with internal departments, suppliers and customers, the Research and Development department ensures the company's vision and mission are addressed strategically and systematically.

R&D Strategy framework encompasses 5 areas of R&D excellences that integrates the processes, tools, and functions required to enhance R&D capability and efficiency.

  • Project

    By aligning our available resources, we will ensure our projects are successfully delivered within specific deadline and budget while maximizing quality of our innovative products.
  • Intellectual
    Property (IP)

    We allow researchers to innovate research ideas and harvest those with commercial viability. We encourage the increasing use of patents to protect our inventions and expand our scientific knowledge that create value for our company and our customers.
  • Talent

    We engage an effective recruitment strategy to recruit, develop and retain talented personnel to ensure the organization has the necessary resources and attributes to meet current and future strategic and operational requirements.
  • Regulatory and

    We design and adhere to regulatory compliance and quality of our products and integrate environmental and product safety into the product life cycle. We also focus on achieving operational excellence through the elimination of non-value adding activities and waste.
  • Innovation

    We align our corporate goals and our resources to improve the functional profile of our innovative medical products and offer a wider selection of solutions in response to growing consumer demand.
  • R&D Strategy