Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd

Kossan Code of Ethics and Conduct ("KCEC")

With the increased importance of corporate governance in today’s business environment, it is pivotal to ensure that our business processes are in compliance with the best ethical practices. With that in mind, KOSSAN Code of Ethics and Conduct ("KCEC") outlines the general ethical standards that applicable to all of our employees and directors within KOSSAN Group of Companies.

The KCEC promotes ethical conduct and integrity in our interactions with all stakeholders such as co-workers, suppliers, vendors, customers, government and regulatory authorities, shareholders and the general public.

The KCEC is not a comprehensive guide of all ethical issues that employees may face, but merely highlights specific issues. In dealing with ethical issues not detailed in KCEC, employees are expected to use their best moral judgment. If an employee has ethical questions, they are encouraged to consult their immediate superior, Head of Department and/or Human Resource Department.

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